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The Brush Files: Bisyodo Alba Brushes Review

I got the Bisyodo Alba Powder & Finishing brush and Bisyodo Alba Eyeshadow-C brush in PR from greatgiftsjapan. I am growing into what I think is a healthy obsession with brushes so I am very grateful to have received them! First of all, I love the matte finish of the ferrule & handle of these […]

The Brush Files: My First Kumano Brushes

So you may or may not have noticed I’ve been MIA on this blog for more than a week. The reason I’ve been gone is because I went to Japan on vacation with my family! And if you’re a huge makeup fan, you know Japan, specifically Kumano, is famous for the softest and rarest brushes […]

Review: Ever Bilena Oval Brush

Over the weekend, I saw and bought this Ever Bilena oval brush on impulse when I saw it at Watsons. It seemed fluffy and soft and I thought I could use it for bronzer and also for blending foundation when I wanted a bigger brush.  The head is about 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches […]