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How to Conceal Undereyes Without Creasing

I always suffer from texture in my under eye area so I am always looking for the best products and ways to conceal dark circles with the least texture. In the video above, I talk about how to cover dark circles or conceal undereyes to avoid creasing and get the most flawless finish possible. This […]

Makeup Tutorial | How to Contour and Highlight

This is how I do my cheek makeup! I apply cream highlight first, right after foundation, and then conceal, set with powder, do my eye makeup (if I didn’t do it before base), and then add powder blush, bronzer, and dust some powder highlight. Products used: Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette Sleek Face Contour Kit in […]

How to Apply Foundation

As part of my basic tutorials series, I made a video on How To Apply Foundation for all my friends and readers who are just beginning to expand their makeup routines. This was inspired mainly by Lisa Eldridge and Mary Greenwell. I have tried different ways of applying and blending foundation and I find myself […]

Building Your Starter Makeup Kit

When I was still starting out on makeup, it felt so overwhelming to browse makeup counters and the department store beauty section! So how do you go about building your starter makeup kit?