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Makeup Inspo: Sexy Red Lip (ALL-DRUGSTORE!)

Hi! So going into this look, I was supposedly going for a Valentine’s Day date look for a tutorial but did not like the end result for a “Valentine’s Day” look. BUT! Wanted to share it with you all anyway, cos I do still like it for a night out look!  Here’s a photo using […]

Non-Instagram Eyebrow Tutorial

Okay so I have already mentioned how I veered away from Instagram brows here. Instead, I prefer a more “natural”-looking brow that looks full and well-groomed. So how exactly do I do my eyebrows? I first use a spoolie to comb my brows downwards then fill in the gaps from the inner portion of my brow […]

New Bar Alert: Escobar Cantina

  Narcos fans will be happy! This bar opened Oct 2016 but we only learned of it this Thursday when we passed by it accidentally. Being Narcos fans, we had to visit it! As it was spontaneous and I only had like 10 minutes to prepare, I decided to wear minimal makeup: The bar was […]

Makeup Inspo: My Face But Better Look 

This is a “clean beauty” type of makeup look as opposed to what you usually see on YouTube and Instagram these days. There is no filter and no photoshopping (only cropping and color-correcting) in any of my “makeup inspo” photos so they should be perfectly doable.  For this look I used: Base: OFRA Contouring & […]

Is “Kilay” Really Life? Why I’m Over the Instagram Brow

So let’s talk brows. I know this is maybe gonna hurt some people but I am so over Instagram brows! What are Instagram brows? It’s the defined strong brow, with the lighter, squarish portion near the inner corner of the eye, becoming darker and more defined towards the tail. It’s also called the “fade” and […]

Tip: Foundation Hacks

If you have dry skin like me, I bet you also have a hard time finding and applying foundation! Using the wrong moisturizer, the wrong foundation, or even the wrong brush can emphasize dry patches and cause flaking. Putting on too much product at once can also cause caking! So how do you avoid these foundation […]

Building Your Starter Makeup Kit

When I was still starting out on makeup, it felt so overwhelming to browse makeup counters and the department store beauty section! So how do you go about building your starter makeup kit?