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I Need to Ask a Favor

Hi friends, I need to ask you a huge favor. YouTube just recently changed its creator guidelines and starting February 18, 2018, they will remove channels with less than 1,000 subscribers from the YouTube partnership programme. I need your help to reach 1,000 subscribers by February so I can continue to be part of YouTube’s […]

What to Buy in Japan: Extensive Shopping Guide for Makeup & More

So admittedly it’s been several months since our vacation in Tokyo & Osaka, but I’ve only decided to write this post today. Most people know Japan has amazing makeup & skin care finds but what exactly and where to find them? First off, the best areas for shopping in Osaka and Tokyo are Dotonbori and […]

Restoring an Old Bag

I am not a bag collector. When it comes to bags, I only keep a few and stick to them until they’re worn down and dirty. But I have some bags that mean so much to me and can’t let go despite their wear and tear. One such bag is an old, blue patent leather […]