Hi, my name is Cybelle and I am a make-up artist and content creator. I believe in make-up that looks effortless and enhances natural beauty.

My website used to be called Beauty and the City but I eventually changed it to Beauty and the Blog.

Why Beauty and the Blog?

The name was inspired by a funny story that happened to me! The first look I did that was reposted by my favorite make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge, was mistakenly tagged @beautyandtheblog (instead of @beautyandthecityblog) by Lisa herself on her Instagram stories. I found the name catchy, and moreso symbolic because Lisa Eldridge was actually the one who thought of it! So Lisa unknowingly inspired my new blog name and social media handles. If I ever get to meet Lisa Eldridge in this lifetime, I will share this tidbit with her. Wish me luck!