Beautyblender Dupes

The last time I compared Beautyblender dupes, the 299-peso BYS beauty blender won over the Miniso, Real Techniques, Beauty Buffet and Ever Bilena sponges. Check out the post here.

In a new video, I compared beautyblender dupes below P100 to see which one was the best among the Daiso, Miniso, and Ilahui blending sponges.

Watch the video above for the full details.

Winner: Miniso Beauty Blender

It’s almost as soft as the BYS blending sponge when dampened and it blends the product well enough into the skin.

The Daiso and Ilahui sponges are both firm, but work in a pinch. However I wouldn’t use them on clients or if I were using a full coverage foundation on myself.

So, this is now my updated ranking of Beautyblender dupes:

  1. BYS Blending Sponge (P299)
  2. H&M Precision Sponge (P299)
  3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (P400)
  4. Miniso Makeup Blender (P99)
  5. Ilahui Beauty Blender (P99 for 2)
  6. Miniso Sponge (old version) (P99 for 2)
  7. Daiso Beauty Blender (P88)
  8. Beauty Buffet Blending Sponge (P345)

I still highly recommend the BYS blending sponge & also recommend the H&M precision sponge. Both are soft and can blend foundation & setting powder seamlessly into the skin. The Real Techniques sponge is a great alternative as well but I find it a) a lot less durable, b) absorbs too much product, c) always stains; hence it ranks lower.

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