VIDEO: Unemployed for 1 Year to Pursue my Dreams

I wanted to document & share how the year 2017 was for me and the things I learned along the way. If you’re interested, watch the video above.


If I say anything tone-deaf or offensive, I apologize. I live in the Philippines, and there might be some things different because of cultural context. Truly I recognize it’s a huge privilege that I can eat and live and have a home while unemployed by choice, and it’s a privilege only a very few people in the world have. But even in the Philippines, a third-world country, I’m still only middle-class, and it’s because of the hard work of my parents who have toiled hard since we were born to provide us a comfortable life. It’s also because of the support of my partner who works really hard as well that we can live as comfortably as possible while I pursue my dreams and also so that in return, I can fully support her in her career as well.

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