The Brush Files: Bisyodo Alba Brushes Review

I got the Bisyodo Alba Powder & Finishing brush and Bisyodo Alba Eyeshadow-C brush in PR from greatgiftsjapan. I am growing into what I think is a healthy obsession with brushes so I am very grateful to have received them!

First of all, I love the matte finish of the ferrule & handle of these brushes. They have white wooden handles with an aluminum ferrule. They look luxurious, clean, and unique. My only minute issue with the form is the font size of the labels; I would have preferred them smaller to fit in with the minimalistic style. But as they are, I love their form and style.

Of course the most important thing about brushes is how they work and how much use you get out of them. As is the norm for Japanese brushes, they’re made of natural hair and created with the highest standards. What’s unique about the Bisyodo brand is that they use both traditional Japanese and modern methods to process hair and create their brushes, allowing them to create the highest quality brushes at a more affordable price for consumers.

Bisyodo Alba Powder & Finishing Brush

I would describe the Bisyodo Alba Powder & Finishing Brush as shaped like a clam where it fans out into a rounded shape but is thin and tapered from the sides.

It’s densely packed with some airiness, as you would expect in a good powder brush. It’s made of 100% Saikoho or top grade goat hair.

Real techniques blush brush (left), Bisyodo Alba Powder & Finishing brush (right)

Real techniques blush brush (left), Bisyodo Alba Powder & Finishing brush (right)

The size is comparable to the Real Techniques blush brush but the shape is different.

From left to right: Bisyodo alba-pf, Wayne Goss Air Brush, Chikuhodo T-6

This is the brush size in comparison to my other favorite face brushes.The quality and shape of the bristles allow the brush to pick up powder with ease. You dont see much product on the bristles but when you lay it on the skin you’d be surprised with how much product it lays down. The airiness of the brush allows it to blend seamlessly without moving your foundation.I used it to dust setting & finishing powder on the undereyes and all over the face, for blush, bronzer, contour, and even highlight. The shape & size of the brush makes it perfect as a one-and-done brush that applies and blends out product quickly without effort. If you have a tiny face that needs very precise work, then perhaps you will only like to use this brush for bronzing, setting & finishing. I have a relatively small face, and I absolutely LOVE this brush. It allows me to maximize the use out of my face powders and it also blends perfectly without disturbing the products underneath. To me, another measure of the quality of the brush’s bristles is how well it cleans with just a towel afterwards. And with white bristles, you would expect that the powder would stain, but after using this brush on blush, contour, and highlight, it was a breeze to clean with a towel afterwards! My towel was white and it still covered the towel in pigment! I was so impressed. This brush is obviously top-notch.As someone who loves high-end brushes and won’t hesitate to spend money on a good brush, I would definitely pick this up. It’s now a must in my brush arsenal.

Bisyodo Alba Eyeshadow-C BrushThe Bisyodo Alba Eyeshadow-C brush is a thin pencil brush with a rounded tip. It’s made of horse hair which makes it firmer to the touch. It’s also the smallest & thinnest brush I have in my collection. It’s extremely precise, which makes it perfect for small eyes, or working right at the lashline.My main concern with precise brushes is the balance between their texture and ability to smudge. The bristles, shape, and density of this brush makes it firm enough to smudge well, but soft and smooth enough not to irritate the eyes. I think I have very sensitive skin around the eyes as most brushes irritate it, but this brush did not irritate my skin at all. I used it to smoke out my eyeliner and apply a dark shade on the outer corner up to the crease to form a c-shape, copying the Eve Pearl technique for defining the eyes.

Left to right: Mizuho brushes CMP527, Zoeva 231, Chikuhodo R-S4, Zoeva 230, Bisyodo alba-esC

I also liked this brush very much as not only is it uniquely suited for very small eyes, it also rounds out my set of favorite eye brushes as in the photo above.The price point is very good too, and I would be glad to pay this amount for this brush so I would definitely pick this up if I see it.I really love these brushes and would 100% recommend both of them to anyone looking for high quality brushes, whether you’re just a regular makeup lover or or an avid brush collector.

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  1. Great review! I love how in depth you were about the brushes! I always liked the way you paired them to other similar brushes! Great work!
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