Five Best Shows on Netflix in 2017

While winding down this New Year, these are my snack-and-binge-watch recommendations:

1) La Mante (translation: The Mantis)

A convicted serial killer helps her detective son solve a string of copycat murders. Not only is this whodunit incredibly entertaining, it’s sprinkled with heavily emotional scenes as well. It’s as much a story on redemption as it is a murder mystery. We finished this mini-series in a day and a half so it’s definitely binge-watchable.

2) Alias Grace

A period series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, it tells the life and story of convicted “murderess” Grace Marks. Haunting yet moving at the same time, it shows the harmful effects of institutionalised sexism in the late 1800s while unraveling the mysteries of a double murder.

3) The Sinner

Continuing off on the murder/mystery themes, The Sinner is about the search for a heavily traumatized woman’s motives for suddenly murdering a stranger in broad daylight. The entire series is about unlocking her missing memories. It’s a deeply profound series on the different shades of abuse and its impact. Too heavy for binge-watching, but definitely a must-watch.

4) The PunisherOf course if you love the Marvel series on Netflix then this is a no-brainer, but I feel that this series is a standout in the franchise. On the surface, the series seems to be just packed with guns and violence, but it’s actually about the crippling effects of grief and how antihero Frank Castle copes with his. One of Marvel’s heaviest and most emotionally well-rounded series to date, The Punisher is definitely one of my favorite characters of all time.

5) Santa Clarita DietLoads funny and a dash morbid, Santa Clarita Diet is a modern-campy zombie series. The best scenes are the ones where they juxtapose the mother-turned-zombie problems with regular life and marriage issues, often showing them arguing about a mundane family issue despite being in an urgent zombie-related situation. Watch for Drew Barrymore’s relatability and biting (hehe, pun intended) humor.

Special mention:

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 4: San Junipero

I can’t believe I totally forgot to mention this last time but it’s because it’s not a series, just an episode. Despite that, this was my absolute favorite thing to have watched on Netflix ever. Up to now, thinking about it still makes me tear up. San Junipero is an epic love story, Black Mirror style. It has elements of sci-fi embedded in a well-crafted story that explores love and what it means to be human. Deceptively simple but it’s interspersed with emotional moments that creep at you long after the credits roll. I suggest just watch it without any research and thank me later.

Happy new year! 🍾🎆

N.b. Not sponsored or affiliated with Netflix, but I should be! 🤣

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