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I’m finally talking about my skin care routine. This has been my most requested topic but I’ve never done it for several reasons. 1) I feel like at the time I didn’t have my skin care routine down pat, and I didn’t feel that it was worth sharing; 2) I didn’t know what value my skin care routine would have on other people as I feel that the products I use don’t make much of a difference on my face except keep it clean. But about a month ago, I started a new skin care routine because I was asked to try some skin care products by Natura Organics by @houseoforganicsph (on Instagram and Facebook). And I am soooo happy and RELIEVED to say my skin is finally in the best condition it’s ever been in. 

My face before my morning skin care! No editing except cropping.
My face before my morning skin care. No editing, except cropping.

This is literally the best my skin has ever been and I would love to share the changes that I did and the products that helped me with all of you.
First of all, before my old skin care routine, my skin used to be very dry. I had dry patches and flaky skin, and I couldn’t apply any makeup straight up without skin prep. I also am allergic to many things so I regularly get red patches all over my face and body. But I wasn’t prone to breakouts or acne. My problems were mostly uneven skin tone due to hyperpigmentation on the sides and high points of my face, dark spots, sunspots, and minor chicken pox scarring. I also had clogged pores, and whiteheads and blackheads on my nose. 

So my old routine was just makeup removal -> foam cleanser -> chemical exfoliant (like Celeteque brightening toner or Maxipeel Zero) OR hydrating toner -> heavy moisturizer. I never used essences or serums as the ones I have tried always made my face feel itchy. Now this routine worked well enough for me to not make my skin worse. But I always felt my skin was dull and uneven, and I would still get dry patches sometimes and I had flaky skin on my nose and whiteheads that were peeking out like they’re on the verge of being extracted. 

So aside from a chemical exfoliant, I started exfoliating with a silicone cleansing pad instead of a cleansing brush and the difference in my nose was HUGE. The whiteheads and flaky skin were gone. 

So I was able to solve some skin care problems but the clogged pores & bumps, hyperpigmentation, dullness & uneven skin tone were still there. 

Then I tried products from @houseoforganicsph called the Natura Organics Dream White Reform System plus their certified organic 100% pure cold-pressed rosehip seed oil. Now I WOULD NEVER EVER WISH TO LIGHTEN MY SKIN COLOR, and I would NEVER ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO LIGHTEN THEIR SKIN. So I honestly find the naming of this quite problematic because I don’t want to lighten to “whiten” my skin EVER. But what the products actually did in my experience is BRIGHTEN my skin, reduce pigmentation, and EVEN OUT my skin tone and NOT ACTUALLY LIGHTEN OR WHITEN MY SKIN COLOR.

I have been using several of the products for over a month, and my sunspots have drastically faded, my skin is smooth and even, my skin is actually GLOWING, and I have gotten so many compliments on how great my skin looks! As we were about to sleep one night, my partner said “Wow your skin looks so smooth.” And I said, “I know, it’s my new skin care.” And now I wake up everyday with skin that’s not greasy and not dry either — and I now have normal skin! Not dry, and not oily either. I have actually just ordered a few more products to supplement my new routine because I LOVE THEM THAT MUCH. 
This is my new nighttime skin care routine, and I swear on my life this is ACTUALLY MY ROUTINE:

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

1. Oil cleanse/makeup remover: Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream – this is a heavy makeup remover, but I absolutely love this because it removes every stitch of makeup INCLUDING WATERPROOF MASCARA AND EYELINER and leaves my skin soft and supple after rinsing. If used without a second cleanse, I do believe it can be pore-clogging though.

2. Second cleanse: Natura Organics Retexturizing Soap – I use this every other day because using it everyday dries out my skin too much, and I have to rinse with WARM WATER or else I get clogged pores and bumps! But this really really cleans my pores and makes my face smooth. But again, I cannot use this everyday because I can get hypersensitivity. So I alternate this with the Physiogel Dermo-cleanser for dry skin. I use that in the morning and on nights I don’t use the soap. But this isn’t enough for me as a second cleanse so I ordered the Himalayan Mud cleansing foam from Natura Organics because it is supposedly a much gentler cleanser than the soap. And once I run out of the soap I plan to use this solely for maintenance (if it agrees with me).

Natura Organics Power Bright Tonic

3. Toner: Power Bright tonic – I use this as a chemical exfoliant. I don’t use this everyday as it (along with the soap) makes my skin hypersensitive when I use it consecutively for at least 3 days, that it can become painful to use! For reference, I only previously used chemical exfoliants 2-3x a week and only ever consecutively when I have a pimple/s. But when I use it every other day, WOW, it feels so good! I love the smell and I love using this because I know that it actually works! I don’t have anything to alternate this with yet so I actually go days without any toner. I used to use the Miniso Hydrating toners but it kind of makes me feel guilty to use it alongside with such “clean” products I feel like I’m undoing the work I’ve done. So I ordered the Radiance hydrating toner from Natura Organics as well so I have something to complement the Power Bright toner.

Natura Organics Rosehip Oil
Natura Organics Miracle Fluid

4. Face Oil: I alternate between the Natura Organics Miracle Fluid (which is a face oil) and their Rosehip Oil. I only use 2 drops for my entire face. Sometimes I mix the two together (2 drops of each) when I’m feeling a bit dry. They both sink into my skin so quickly! I do prefer the Rosehip oil because it just gives my skin Such. A. Nice. Glow. But because Rosehip oil is full of Vitamin A, it also exacerbated my hypersensitivity when I used it every day and every night so I had to alternate it with something. The Miracle Fluid is especially soothing after the exfoliant so I like it too, especially the smell! It smells earthy, which I love. 

The Face Shop Fresh Milk Cream
5. Moisturizer: I alternate between The Face Shop Fresh Milk Cream and the Natura Organics Power White Night Cream OR just stop at the face oils. I don’t like the Power White Night Cream as much as I liked the other products because 1) it’s not very smooth; and 2) it leaves a white cast when I use it. It scares me that it will whiten my skin when I use it. Plus I cannot use it under makeup because of the white cast. But it is also very soothing after the exfoliant and smells really good too. All of the products actually smell really good and “natural”, like either fruity or earthy. But I will just finish this bottle and will not purchase it. 

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

6. Spot treatment: If I ever do spot treatments I do two things. If anything is itchy or painful, I use the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream first. But if it’s just a blemish, I use the Celeteque Acne Spot Corrector Gel. If it’s itchy/painful and a blemish, I use both; calming cream first then the spot corrector gel.

With my skin care routine, it is extremely important that I use SPF copiously and religiously whenever I go out of the house in daylight because the vitamins A & C in the products make my skin hypersensitive! And anyone using vitamins A & C in their routine also absolutely has to apply sunscreen everyday as well otherwise you can get painful sunburn. For SPF, I either use the Natura Organics Revive Day Serum Sunblock alone, or the SkinAZ Sun Sherbet under makeup. The Revive Day Serum Sunblock is a tinted moisturizer and has a bit of coverage too so I like to use it alone on no-makeup days.

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Dermo-Cleanser
So for my morning skin care, I just use the Physiogel dermo-cleanser, then put 2 drops of rosehip oil, and then use a thin moisturizer like the Banila co. Miss Water & Mr. Oil if I’m just staying at home, or tinted moisturizer like the Natura Organics Revive Day Serum if I’m not using makeup, or the SkinAZ sun sherbet if I’m going to be applying makeup. 

And that’s it! No masks, no essences. I did use clay masks in the past for my nose, and they helped a lot to treat whiteheads and blackheads there but nowadays I barely get any so I don’t need to use masks anymore. I do recommend the innisfree volcanic pore clay masks as they helped me clear them out when I had a lot on my nose. But they don’t really prevent them.  I also do use eye creams sometimes at night or under concealer. I currently use the Celeteque brightening eye cream but I don’t feel that it is hydrating enough so I sometimes add a drop of the rosehip oil to it too at night. 

If I had to recommend only one thing from the products I mentioned, I absolutely urge you to try the ROSEHIP SEED OIL from Natura Organics! 

Store in the fridge to keep this fresh and effective.
It was absolutely life-changing for me because it transformed my dull skin into glowing skin from my first use! It is rich in Vitamin A or retinol, which is the only substance that has been proven to reverse sun damage. I also highly highly recommend their Power Bright toner, because I feel that it is the main product that smoothened the pores on my nose. 

My skin has honestly been in the best shape that it’s been in since I have gotten the hang of this routine. In the beginning, I did get a lot of stinging from micropeeling and eventually actual visible peeling in the darker areas of my face such as in the corners of my mouth (where I had scarring from an arduous impacted wisdom teeth extraction surgery) and my nose. It was then when I realized I had to alternate products because even though my skin looked smooth and clear, it was making my skin hypersensitive and irritable. So be cautious and TAKE YOUR TIME introducing new products to your skin. Do it one product at a time to prevent hypersensitivity and so that in case you react negatively, you can pinpoint the exact product that’s causing adverse reactions.

Get the organic skin care products I used from House of Organics. I don’t make any money whatsoever from recommending them.

I hope this helps and I hope that like me, you find products that work for you.

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