Natura Organics Lokal Matte Lipsticks Review

The Natura Organics Lokal Matte Lipsticks are organic, cruelty-free, locally-made from natural ingredients, bullet-type lipsticks, and they retail for P449. 

I got the shades Corregidor and Manila.

Corregidor (left), Manila (right)
Corregidor (left), Manila (right)
Corregidor is a browny-red while Manila is a plummy berry pink. 
Wearing Corregidor
Wearing Manila
First of all, I love the gold packaging because it looks luxurious and looks nice on the vanity. Second, both shades are extremely pigmented and have great color payoff with one swipe. What the shade looks like on the tube is also what it looks like on my lips. Third, these babies have SPF! Although it’s only SPF8, that’s better than no SPF at all.

Lipstick ends are not tapered
I don’t like that the ends of the lipstick do not taper off because this makes it harder to apply on your lips straight from the tube. But what I do instead is apply onto my lips directly from the tube then smudge it around with my finger to blend onto the lipline and clean up any mess with a skinny cotton bud. 

Because they are matte, there is a tug when you apply but I don’t mind that as I find that these formulas last longer than creamier ones. I didn’t have to apply lip balm before application and it did not emphasize any flakiness on my lips. It gives a cooling sensation as you apply and smells minty, which I really love! It feels pleasant, soothing and hydrating despite the matte formula. The entire times I wore these, they never felt dry or uncomfortable, but they didn’t move around either. They lasted even after a meal although there was a bit of fading. 

My favorite thing about these lipsticks is that I didn’t get an allergic reaction or feel any sting on my lips as I wore them and afterwards. I would get windburn and irritation from some MAC formulas and with a few other brands of bullet lipsticks but these did not incite any allergic reaction whatsoever. 

Ingredients list
Wearing Manila
Wearing Corregidor
One thing to note though is that both shades have a bit of sparkle in them. It is unnoticeable in the Corregidor shade, while it is slightly noticeable in the Manila shade up close especially when it catches the light. So depending on your taste, this may or may not be an issue. Personally, I would prefer it without the sparkle for everyday, but for special occasions it looks very pretty. Out of the two, I prefer Corregidor because this shade, being brown-based, just speaks to me!

Overall, I really like the lipsticks and would probably purchase more everyday nude shades in the future especially because I do not get any allergic reactions or itchiness from them. I prefer their formula over creamier matte lipsticks that move around or are sticky, and their formulas remind me of the MAC retro matte formula that I love at half the price. I recommend them to anyone who usually experiences skin problems with any other lipsticks, or anyone who’s looking for an organic & cruelty-free lipstick that lasts as long as synthetic formulas.

Get them from @houseoforganicsph on Instagram or click this link.

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