Restoring an Old Bag

I am not a bag collector. When it comes to bags, I only keep a few and stick to them until they’re worn down and dirty. But I have some bags that mean so much to me and can’t let go despite their wear and tear. One such bag is an old, blue patent leather Nine West with torn handles:

This bag means a lot to me for two reasons: 1) it was a very special gift; 2) it saved my old iPad when I was held up (mugged) a few years ago. 
It has a front flap for gadgets that looks flat and no one can tell that it’s a tablet compartment. 


This is where I kept my iPad when I used to use this bag and when armed robbers inspected my bag for any gadgets, they didn’t bother to check that compartment. So my iPad escaped unscathed! But because I used it everyday, I wore down the handles and tore the lamination and rubber. Because of that, I couldn’t use it anymore because it looked bad and the torn leather would also hurt my shoulder.

I can’t afford to have it professionally restored plus it’s impractical considering the cost of restoration would cost probably half of the bag’s price as it’s not even a luxury brand. So I got the idea to wrap the handles to disguise the wear and tear and make them more comfortable!

I only wish I had used handle wraps before, but they weren’t as popular and accessible then. I would see them in Marian Rivera’s vast Hermes bag collection and obviously I can’t afford an Hermes twilly! But these handle wraps are just as stylish and functional as any designer twilly and a hundred times cheaper! 

Before the straps in my current everyday bag are ruined, I already wrapped them:

I got mine from Oh My Bag Philippines or @ohmybagphils on Instagram & Facebook. Their handle wraps come in a variety of colors & designs for only P299. They also have bag filers, moisture adsorbent beads, waterproof bag protectors, and base shapers. You can get them on their website at or thru Zalora. They even have an Independence Day sale today! Just check their IG account for details.

I hope this gave you ideas on how to restore or liven up your bags!

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