How I Apply Foundation on My Dry Skin

So I already wrote a post on foundation techniques before but I just wanted to update it with my current foundation routine for when I want higher coverage. My main problem with higher coverage foundation is emphasizing my dry patches and flaky skin so I don’t like wearing them. But doing these things have been lifesavers to me and allowed me to wear thicker drugstore foundations and still achieve a skin-like finish:

  • Regular exfoliation and microexfoliation (weekly microexfoliation and twice-weekly exfoliation or so)
  • Using hyaluronic acid skin care products before moisturizer & foundation
  • Using a soap-free and non-lathering cleanser formulated for dry and sensitive skin before foundation
  • Blending and pushing with a beautyblender to remove any buildup or dryness
  • Spraying MAC Fix+ in between layers of foundation 

For more details, watch my video:

(I just realized that I haven’t been updating my blog with my new content!)

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