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Here’s a confession: My Beautyblender is 1 year old! But I swear if you look at it, you won’t be able to tell except for the wear on its rounded bottom.

I took really good care of it by never dragging it on my skin, using diluted liquid dishwashing detergent to clean it, and washing it before every use. It’s lasted me a year even though you’re supposed to replace it after 2 months, but I’m a rebel. So anyway, I searched for a sponge to replace my beautyblender and also to help those who do not want to shell out the P1000 ($20) for a blending sponge. I for one do not really want to buy another beautyblender because I can’t afford it! Luckily, I found a worthy replacement that’s widely available in the Philippines!

These are the sponges I tested out:

  1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – P400 ($8), P700 for 2, P1280 for 4
  2. Beauty Buffet Blending Sponge – P325
  3. Miniso Blending Sponge – P99 for 2
  4. BYS Blending Sponge – P299
  5. EB Advance Blend Me Sponge – P150

Watch my video to find out who won! You can skip to the end for a quick summary.


I hope this helps you!

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