Luminosity Masterclass With Anton Patdu & Becca Cosmetics Review

I attended a masterclass last Saturday, May 6, at Adora in Greenbelt 5. It was supposed to be a “Luminosity Masterclass” which I understood to be an advanced makeup workshop on highlighting. It was done by Anton Patdu in collaboration with Becca Cosmetics. Anton Patdu is a celebrity makeup artist in the Philippines. These are my thoughts on the event.

One, it didn’t seem like an advanced course at all. We were encouraged to ask questions so the event was peppered with questions from the beginning up to the end. The sort of questions asked were very basic and usually not really related to highlighting. The first question asked if I recall correctly was why he was putting “a lot” of skin care on the model before applying makeup and I was surprised to hear the question because I thought it would be an advanced workshop. However, Anton also didn’t disclose the model’s skin type when he was putting on the skin care and primers, and I thought in any makeup workshop or tutorial really, that’s one of the very first things you’re supposed to disclose so your audience understands how the products were chosen. To be fair, the model’s skin type was normal so Anton didn’t feel the need to disclose it at the beginning. 

Other questions asked were about what priming or base products were best to use, which I again thought was not really a question for a masterclass as most of the answers could really only either be answered with “Well, it depends.” Otherwise, it would take a really long time to discuss each condition and each product suited for it. One even asked why he did not do the eye makeup (which was just a simple neutral eye look) first before the face makeup.

So that kind of irked me a bit because I felt that the focus was drawn away from discussing the theory and rationale behind highlighting. I felt we barely even discussed it as most of the time was spent discussing other basic makeup techniques. As for Anton’s highlighting technique, he used a luminous water-based primer and foundation, followed with a liquid highlight, different shades of the Becca beach tints, set with corresponding shades of powder blush and a powder highlight. Honestly, it was very similar to my strobing tutorial HERE except I’ve never tried using different shades of liquid or cream blush before. It’s not that it’s the first time I’ve heard about it but I just feel it’s not worth the hassle as I’m not that into blush, and I don’t really see the top makeup artists I follow doing it often. But it gave a nice dimensional effect on the model’s cheeks.

It wasn’t really discussed much how to choose the points to highlight; I would have liked if it was discussed more that highlighting is done to bring features forward. Contouring was also discussed, but the question of the attendees was more of where to put contour; I again would have preferred if it was discussed that contouring is to push something back, so choosing where to contour depends largely on the face shape. This would have been done better if Anton discussed why he chose to highlight and contour certain features of the model.

I felt like the discussion was lacking on the rationale behind the shade/color choices and makeup techniques as I would have liked to know more about that instead of being told “this is how you do it.” I prefer being told “this is why I do it” because it leaves me more enlightened and equipped to make the same kinds of decisions when applying makeup on myself.

The finished look of the model was a very natural and neutral look as I expected it to be. 

My look for the event was almost the same, and I even made it a point to use Becca’s liquid & pressed highlighter in Opal.

All in all, I enjoyed the event but I didn’t really feel like I learned anything new. However it left me feeling validated about the techniques and theories I learned from just watching Lisa Eldridge, Mary Greenwell, & Wayne Goss on YouTube. 

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