Mermaid Makeup Tutorial Inspired by Mary Greenwell

So I was re-watching Lisa Eldridge and Mary Greenwell tutorials this weekend and got inspired to sort of “recreate” them (of course in a very amateurish way). This look was originally a Jessica Chastain Makeup Tutorial but I made it into a Mermaid Makeup Tutorial because it looked very ethereal and I think mermaid-appropriate. 

I know my version doesn’t do the original any justice whatsoever but I liked the final result so I’m sharing it with all of you! This is my video:

These are the products I used:

  • Catrice Prime & Fine Beautifying Primer
  • Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Palette
  • NYX Total Control Drop Foundation
  • Gino McCray by Beauty Buffet Under Eye Concealer No. 2
  • Catrice Healthy Look Translucent Mattifying Powder
  • Catrice Inside Eye Kohl Pencil – Black
  • Benefit Roller Lash
  • Benefit Cheek Parade – Dandelion, Hoola, Hoola Lite
  • J. Cat Beauty Baked Bronzer 101 – Coconut Island
  • Essence Lip Liner 08 – Girl Next Door
  • Kylie Lip Gloss – Like

And this is the original tutorial:

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