Battle of the Brands: EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick vs Jazzy France Matte Lip Gloss

I admit that I neglect our local brands by not buying from them as much as I buy from foreign brands. This time, I decided to test out two local brands: EB Advance and Jazzy France! I tried out their matte liquid lipsticks in brown shades because it’s my favorite shade of lipstick to wear! 😂

I was so surprised by the quality of their formulas! I liked both of them so much that I couldn’t choose the winner. The EB Advance formula was moussey and creamy while the Jazzy France formula was a lot thinner and liquidy. None of them emphasized my lip lines or flaked off of my lips. Both of them were super comfortable and pigmented! It all boiled down to what type of formula you preferred so I had to call a tie. Watch my video below to see my swatches and demonstration of the lipsticks! 

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