Katsu on Sticks at Kushikatsu

Last Saturday, we chanced upon Kushikatsu  Daruma in Uptown Mall, BGC and decided to try it. Long story short: it was so good I’m still thinking about that meal up to now, 3 days later.

I am someone with a simple palate. I like simple unpretentious food, and most of my favorite food is simple. Kushikatsu Daruma only serves one thing: fried stuff on sticks for dipping. And there is only one sauce. So you can imagine it’s a very love it or hate it kind of thing because it serves up only one kind of flavor. 

The classic after dipping

I’m glad to say I loooved it.

The menu is just 1 page and your options are classic (beef) kushikatsu, chicken intestine, pork intestine, tuna, camembert cheese, prawn, asparagus, potato, young corn, quail egg, and some others I may have missed. They serve complimentary vegetables for dipping as well. Then you just dip the entire thing in the sauce they leave at your table and pair it with rice. 

Complimentary vegetables with the dipping sauce

They only leave 1 canister of the sauce for the entire table so they have posters of “NO DOUBLE DIPPING” everywhere, like literally everywhere. They have posters telling you a monster will step on you or you will get eaten or get in an accident if you double dip, which was funny. But I would still totally double dip if it was just me and my girlfriend eating; you cant tell me what to do! But the entire serving fits in the sauce canister so the sauce-meat ratio is good for the entire stick.

I had the classic kushikatsu, pork & chicken intestines (isaw), camembert cheese, and quail egg. They are priced P39-P59 per stick and 1 stick is worth like 2 spoonfuls with rice – or more if you’re a voracious rice-eater. 

Some of our orders – forgot to take a photo of all our orders together

We paired everything with their fried rice and it was heavenly. 

Umami heaven.

My favorites were, unsurprisingly, the chicken intestine, camembert cheese, and the classic.

I can’t wait to go back!!!

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