Review: Chubby Mermaid Brush

I was sent the chubby mermaid brush by @mymythscosmetics over at Instagram in exchange for an Instagram post but I also decided to review the brush here on my website! So first of all, this is what it looks like:

I used this brush to contour and highlight my cheekbones and nose and also to apply bronzer all over my face. My demo video of this is on Instagram and you can watch it here!

Because it’s made of synthetic fibers, this brush can be used on both powders and liquids so it’s quite versatile. However it applies powders very precisely so if you use this brush you have to blend very well. I like that I can use it to contour my nose as well. You can actually also use this to apply cream blush and highlight, but I dont recommend it for powder blush because it applies it too intensely! But if you use a light or nude colored powder blush, I think it will work well with that so just be careful with choosing when to use it.

Some cons – its body is not very weighty so it feels cheap, it’s a bit hard to store because of the shape, and it scratches easily. But the bristles themselves are very soft and good quality and I had no issues with shedding or anything at all actually. I just display it on my table because I think it’s meant to be displayed anyway.

My overall rating: πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„ (out of 5)

If you love collecting pretty brushes, I think the chubby mermaid brush is worth getting! It retails for P499-900 pesos depending on the seller you’re getting it from. 

*Always make sure to validate the identity and reliability of the seller first before transacting on Instagram.*


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