First Impressions Review: Benefit Cheek Parade

I just purchased the Benefit Cheek Parade from! Here is my initial review and try-on of the product:

My initial rating: 💄💄💄💄💄 (out of 5)

It comes with the Hoola, Hoola lite, Galifornia, Dandelion, and Rockateur. You can do so much with the palette. I especially love that it comes with both Hoola and Hoola lite so that you can mix your own shade if you want to. I personally wouldnt use the brush over my other cheek brushes but since it comes free with the products I dont mind that at all.

My favorite products out of the palette are the two Hoolas and Dandelion. They are the most versatile and pigmented out of the 5. If I could only purchase 1, I would get the Hoola because I think it has the perfect shade for both a subtle warmth or a cut-cheek contour.


Here’s a photo of me wearing Dandelion, Rockateur, and Hoola!

It’s actually super pigmented and blendable. 

I’ll write a separate review on the Roller Lash (mentioned in video) next time! In the meantime, if you like the stuff I post, please subscribe to my channel! ❤️

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