New Cafe: Il Fiore Earth Cafe & Gelato Lab

We just discovered a new cafe last week while walking to Century City Mall! It’s called Il Fiore, an “Earth Cafe and Gato Lab” and the place is so cute!!

They have coffee, desserts, gelato, and pasta and sandwiches. They specialize in vegan treats and they even have VEGAN gelato! 


We tried the Coco Mocha, which is a vegan flavor, it has coconut sugar and chocolate and tasted like chocolate and latik. It was sooo good!!! But if you’re not a fan of latik (it’s like a coconut caramel syrup), you won’t like it because its flavor is strong. 

I also tried their latte just because I couldnt resist coffee 😜 It was good, like regular good coffee.

I cant wait to try the other gelato flavors! And as a bonus, they’re right next to Petopia, a dog grooming salon and supply store! So you can get your dog’s (or cat’s) hair done and wait in the cafe which I think is owned by the same people. Their rate for a small dog is P550 if you’re interested. We’re definitely coming back — with my dog next time!

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