Makeup Tools I Cannot Live Without

There are so many tools available for any makeup enthusiast and artist. However, only a few are absolutely essential to create any makeup look. I tried to think about mine, and I came up with these FOUR, yes only FOUR, tools that I felt are the ones I cannot live without having and enable me to create my favorite makeup looks.

These are: my beautyblender, my eyelash curler, my Zoeva 227, and my spoolie.

So why these things? 

The beautyblender: well, this one is obvious. It is one of, if not the most versatile makeup tool on the PLANET. Of course anyone can do any look without a beautyblender – but this would entail having several brushes added to this list like a foundation brush, a powder brush, and a concealer brush. But I particularly need a beautyblender, or any good quality blending sponge for that matter, because it makes blending any makeup soooo easy most especially for dry skin. With brushes, there is always that risk of microexfoliating your skin and emphasizing dry patches, pores, and blemishes but using a beautyblender solves all of those problems immediately. 

My Shu Uemura eyelash curler: It fits my eyes, it curls my lashes, it lasts a lifetime. Enough said.

My Zoeva 227: Okay, this brush was one of my veryyyy first brushes ever and I never stopped using it. This is essentially the same as a MAC 217 and a Sigma E25. I do have the Sigma E25 while I don’t have a 217. Instead I have a MAC Oval 3 which is also made for crease application and blending except that you can also use it for concealer application. So what makes the Zoeva 227 special? Because it is just that good at applying and blending eyeshadow for a soft diffused look. And not only do I use it for eyeshadow, I also use it for contouring my nose with powder and applying loose powder to set concealer. Plus its bristles are super soft and also really easy to clean! I can’t recommend it enough for anyone starting out with their makeup brushes collection.

My Etude House spoolie: Well any spoolie will do! I use it both on my lashes and my eyebrows. Funny because I do have a Sonia Kashuk steel eyelash and eyebrow brush but I rarely use it because it’s hard to clean! While a spoolie is both so much cheaper and easier to clean and works just as fine.

So that’s all of it! Isn’t it amazing to be able to reduce your essential tools to just 4 products? Obviously you wont be able to make ANY makeup look with just these 4 products, especially eye looks, but believe me you will be able to make A LOT of full looks with them.

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