Brunch at Tim Horton’s

We finally tried the newly opened Tim Horton’s at Uptown Mall Bonifacio. The question is: Fad or worth the trip??


I ordered a French Vanilla latte with a steak and cheese panini while my companions ordered bagels, a donut, and their frozen lemonade. 

The verdict? Everything was REALLY good. The french vanilla latte was just as I expected while the steak and cheese sandwich had perfect bread-to-cheese-to-meat ratio. It had onions and they complemented the flavor perfectly, and that’s coming from a usually non-onion eater. 

There’s a wide selection of sweet treats for those of you with a sweet tooth from donuts to munchkins called Timbits and eclairs and other pastries, more options than Starbucks at least.

We came in at 11am on a Tuesday and there was no line and a lot of tables available. By 12pm, the place was packed with the line reaching the roped off area outside. 

I dont have more pictures of the food because honestly the place wasnt very Instagrammable 😂 It was very straightforward and the food was served in these paper inserts.

One more thing: it is cheaper than Starbucks because they have combo meals where you get a sandwich, a coffee, and potato wedges for a little over P200.

So are we coming back? Definitely! But only on a weekday again or for takeout. 

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