Review: Colourette Creamy Matte Lipsticks

I have been sooo curious about this local brand for ages that when I saw they had a Buy One Get One promo last weekend I immediately jumped on the opportunity and ordered their lipsticks!

I got the 2 most interesting shades I saw: Roma and Sahara. Here are my swatches!

These shades are soooo beautiful and sophisticated! Sahara is more of a caramel while Roma on the tube looks like a dark chocolate. 

They are super creamy and comfortable to wear. They just glide on with little drag and they are not drying. They do have a bit of shine so they aren’t completely matte. They aren’t transfer-proof but after eating and drinking it only stays on like a stain but it’s easy to reapply.

Out of the two, I prefer the shade Sahara because I have been looking for a shade like this since forever!! Although Roma is super flattering, I have a lot of similar shades already that are just a bit more matte so I loved it, but not as much as Sahara. It’s so different because it doesnt have a pink or red undertone, it’s just literally a caramelly color. I wore it today because I loved it so much!

And yes, both definitely won a spot in my makeup bag. Especially Sahara! I love that we have a local brand that makes such good quality lipsticks!

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