Lies and Fraud in Beauty Blogging


If you ever feel insecure and frustrated because you cannot seem to apply your makeup just as perfectly as beauty bloggers/vloggers, and haven’t yet watched this video, WATCH IT.
Wayne Goss Exposes Lies in the Beauty Community
This video was my inspiration for starting my own beauty blog. After watching this video, I felt so duped, and so foolish, for ever feeling bad that I couldn’t get that flawless look so many big YouTubers and beauty bloggers had whenever they posted videos and photos. So please don’t look for makeup looks from me that look absolutely flawless and porcelain. If you don’t have perfect skin, you will never look like that. No makeup product in the world can do that because if there were, then everybody would be using it. Instead, we have FILTERS. And I NEVER USE FILTERS. I will never use them. And if you think my skin looks great in my makeup photos, or that my makeup doesn’t look cakey, it’s because I take my sweet time blending and blending and again blending my makeup. Also remember there’s lighting, I use a good camera, and I also take really good care of my skin. SKIN CARE and GOOD GENES are the only “secrets” to good skin, and even then it can only go so far without facials and procedures. 

So don’t look for “Instagram” and “YouTube” makeup from me, because honestly you can’t trust that. But I can tell you, my makeup looks just as good in real life as it does on camera, or maybe even better! That’s why I take the time to write down the tips I learn along the way studying established professionals like Wayne Goss, Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, and even the supposed faker, Bobbi Brown. Because even if I don’t trust Bobbi Brown’s products, I still love watching the way she applies makeup. 


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