How to Conceal Undereyes and Review of Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

My undereye dark circles and veins are one of my biggest insecurities in my face. I have deepset eyes so even if I get a full 8-hour sleep every night I will always have shadowy and veiny undereyes. And I’m sure many of you also struggle with concealing dark circles. So here’s what I do to conceal mine.

Here are before photos (I’m not wearing foundation in any of the following pictures):

Before (on a professional camera)
A before photo using an iPhone front camera in daylight. I find this important to show so that you know I’m not tricking you with bright lights and a nice camera.

  1. First, color correct your undereyes. I use Benefit Erase Paste but there are other brands who have it such as Becca, NYX, and even City Color. Benefit Erase Paste is both a brightener and color corrector, so it should cancel out the darker pigments and also reflect light onto the shadowy areas of your undereye. When I conceal undereyes without a corrector, there is a visible grayish and greenish cast that just looks TOTALLY WRONG, no matter what concealer I use. So this has become a must for me since I bought it! I apply this using a small lip brush from my inner eye corners all the way to my outer eye corner where I also have pigmentation and veins. Then I blend just by tapping with my fingertips.
  2. Next, conceal using your favorite undereye concealer. You can conceal by either forming upside-down triangles under your eyes up to the tops of your cheeks if you need to cover the entire area or just sweep a few curved lines from the inner eye corner outwards. It is heavily dependent on where exactly the shadowy portions of your undereye is. I do either of the two depending on how dark my undereyes are at the moment. I first warm the concealer and reduce the product on the wand by rubbing it on the back of my hand and then apply using the wand. I use Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in Sand for my undereyes. Their formula is very thin yet pigmented, but I still need about 2-3 thin layers to completely conceal my undereyes. I bought the shades Sand and Medium and decided that Sand looks more natural on my undereyes while Medium is closer to my face’s overall skin tone so I use this for blemishes and pigmentation. 
  3. Let the concealer sit for at least a few seconds, around 30 seconds or so, before blending. I blend concealer using both my fingers and a beautyblender or a MAC Oval 3. I first tap the edges to soften them and then use the beautyblender or brush to tap or stipple the product into my undereyes. If you’re using multiple layers like me, then obviously repeat steps 2-3.
    After blending
  4. You can skip this step if your concealer already stays put for the entire day and doesnt leave a grayish cast, otherwise, you have to set with a powder. I find that NOT setting my concealer leaves it looking shiny and oily. You can use any powder that suits your skin tone best: translucent, no-color, banana, pink or beige powders. Either loose or pressed will work the same for this purpose. What I currently use is a beige pressed powder, the Happy Skin Dont Get Mad Get Even powder foundation in natural beige and it works just fine as a setting powder for my undereyes because it matches my skin tone. So I use the same beautyblender or a puff to tap powder into my undereyes. 
  5. After letting it sit a few seconds, 30 or so, I knock off the excess powder with a powder brush. If you have an oilier skin tone, you can “bake” it first by letting it sit for a few more minutes while you do the rest of your makeup. I have dry skin so I don’t bake powder as it makes it too dry. The Maybelline Fit Me concealer settles into lines and disappears when I don’t set it, so if you have the same problem, do set it. Plus it doesn’t cake on me even when I use multiple layers and then set it like this. 

You should be done after that. This is how it looks for me after all of that trouble!

For this specific photo, I used 3 thin layers of concealer.
For this photo I only used 1 layer of concealer, and used daylight and an iPhone front camera

To compare:

So again to emphasize, I posted both high-res and low-res photos so you can see how it really looks and also see that I am not cheating you with lighting and camera tricks.

I hope this helped  you learn how to conceal undereyes and dark circles. You may find that other methods work better for you, and that is perfectly fine and even expected as makeup is very personal, but this works for me. And I like how when I use this method, it looks very natural. So until next post! ❤️

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