Using My 17-Year-Old Sister’s Makeup Challenge/Tutorial

I was at my sister’s studio and I didn’t bring any of my makeup. I was looking through her makeup stash and decided to turn it into a challenge! So I chose from her makeup and tried to turn it into as good a look as possible for myself in only one try. So here it goes!

First I used the Etude House Wonder Pore toner and Nature Republic Aloe Vera soothing cream to prep my skin for makeup. I actually use the same toner, and have already tried this soothing cream before, so I had no worries with these products. Also, we have the same skin issues like allergies and redness so this was easy. Then I also used the Face Shop Air Cotton Base in Lavender as primer. I used this one because of the color. I have olive undertones and bluish bases can make foundation match better with olive undertones.

Next I used the Face Shop CC cream. This was actually too warm for me, and it turned out funny on camera but barely noticeable in real life.

Next I used a Missha undereye brightener and The Saem browcara. I also used a Cathy Doll sponge to blend. The sponge was tough and was not as absorbent as the beautyblender but it was able to blend  everything anyway.

Next I used a Mumuso mascara and an H&M eyelash curler. The H&M eyelash curler didn’t fit my eye well and the edges actually hurt my eyelid. The Mumuso mascara was lengthening and volumizing but it took a long time to dry and made a mess on my undereye that I had to re-apply the brightener.

Next I put concealer on my undereye and concealed some redness on my face using the Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret cream concealer.

Next I applied eyeshadow using a Mumuso quad. I first used the light brown shade to highlight then used the darker purplish shade on my crease using the tools in the pictures.

Then I blended the shades together using a generic small oval brush.

I used the blusher from an Elf contour and blush palette on my cheeks using a generic cheek oval brush.

Then I used the lightest shade on the Mumuso eyeshadow quad as highlighter on my cheeks and nose bridge, applying using a generic oval eyeshadow brush.

Then contour! Using the same elf contour palette.

Lastly, lipstick! I used the Happy Skin shut up & kiss me moisturizing lippie in Crushing on You.

And the final look!

With my hair down you can barely see the shade difference of my face with my neck on camera. Again, it’s barely noticeable in real life so I didn’t feel the need to re-do anything! 

And that’s it, I succeeded doing my own face using my little sister’s makeup! It was a challenge working with lower quality and unfamiliar makeup but I still looked pretty decent. 😂  This goes to show you can still do a decent makeup look using available products as long as they’re complete and you know they’re safe for your skin type! 

Note: All photos were taken in daylight using my iPhone front camera. No filters no photoshop no retouching whatsoever was done on any of the photos.

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