Review: Colourpop Ultra Matte vs Kylie Lip Kit

So I bet you’ve been wondering 1) whether Kylie Lip Kits are worth your hard-earned cash, and 2) how Colourpop liquid lipsticks compare to the Kylie Lip Kit. Well I have answers for you!

First of all, I have to say the lip liner formulas from the Kylie Lip Kit are really good. They glide on easily, they apply smoothly, they stay on all day, they sharpen easily, and they’re very lightweight. Plus the shades are amaaazing! So the lipliners I’d say are worth the price, and are comparable to MAC lipliners. But with MAC lipliners, I get an allergic reaction, while with the Kylie liners I do not. I love wearing the lip liners on their own with balm on top.

Next, what about the liquid lipsticks themselves? Well, to be honest their quality is inconsistent. The nude shades — the ones I have in nude are Candy K and Dolce K — are very lightweight, pigmented, applies easily, dries really matte, and are not as drying as the most drying matte formulas I have tried like LA Splash and LA Girl. But they tend to emphasize your lip lines, and can be flaky when you put too much product. In terms of longevity, they can withstand 1 meal that is not too oily, and they dont spread onto your chin afterwards like with other lipsticks. If you don’t eat, they will last the entire time you have them on and you can just top with lip balm when it gets dry after a few hours. 

Candy K
Dolce K

BUT I have tried 1 dark shade, Leo, that was SUPER PATCHY, immediately flaked off, and did not last at all. Just BLAH, I can barely use it except for a nice photo and that’s 2400 pesos down the drain. So it appears that it’s a common issue with Kylie’s other darker shades based on my research. Except for Posie K, which got good reviews. For the reddish shades, I have Ginger. And it is AMAZING. Comfortable, applies easily, lasts, does not flake, and is flattering AF. Plus it did not budge when I ate a burger!

Kylie Lip Kit in Ginger

So in summary, the Kylie lip kits — light/nude shades: good, especially the lip liners. Ginger: EXCELLENT. Dark shades/Leo: BAD. And is consistent with other reviews for dark shades, except Posie K. Are they worth the price? Only depending on the shade! And only because of the lip liners, honestly.

Now onto Colourpop!

I have to say the Colourpop Ultra Mattes are…. ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE. Yes you heard that right. The Colourpop Ultra Mattes are almost the same quality! They have similar formulas, and are actually manufactured by THE SAME COMPANY, Seed Beauty. Although it’s slightly more drying, it lasts as long, and just for a fraction of the price! The only downside is, finding matching lip liners for Colourpop is not as easy. Their site suggests matching lip liners with the shade, so you can try that, but I’ve never tried it. What I usually do is mix my Kylie lipliners with Colourpop shades, because the shades I have are almost exact matches anyway. I just smudge the liners a bit to blend with the liquid lip, and voila! Lip liners are completely optional however, but I use them because they make application so much easier and make it last longer.

Colourpop Times Square — similar to Dolce K
Colourpop Lovebug — slightly darker than Ginger

Colourpop Bumble – similar to Kylie 22

So, in conclusion, if the money doesn’t matter to you, GO AHEAD, get Kylie Lip Kits, if only for the perfect shades and lip liners. I got mine from @duckfaceph and @kylielipkit_philippines on Instagram. BUT, if like me, and money IS an object, just get Colourpop. If you want lipliners, just look for the matching lipliners using their website. I got my Colourpop from the Colourpop website itself, which took a month and a half to arrive in the Philippines, and also from @chiccosmetics and @duckfaceph on Instagram.

Hope this helps and happy lipstick shopping!

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