Non-Instagram Eyebrow Tutorial

Okay so I have already mentioned how I veered away from Instagram brows here. Instead, I prefer a more “natural”-looking brow that looks full and well-groomed. So how exactly do I do my eyebrows?

Before fixing my eyebrows — I was having an allergic reaction when this was shot hence all the redness!

  • I first use a spoolie to comb my brows downwards then fill in the gaps from the inner portion of my brow to the arch. I use DOWNWARD strokes, mimicking hair strands to avoid harsh lines that will make it look too strong or thick.

  • Next, I fill in the head of my eyebrow beginning at the end of my nose bridge to create the illusion of a SMALLER nose. This is important: use short, light, feathery strokes, mimicking the hair strands in that portion as well!

  • Next, I extend the tail of my eyebrows up to my outer eye corner so that it will meet with my eyeshadow later and create a PULLED OUT effect on my eyes.

  • Next, I sweep everything UPWARDS using a spoolie brush to blend everything and erase any harsh lines.

  • Keep blending until there are NO HARSH LINES!
  • Once I’m satisfied with the appearance, I LOCK the hairs in place by sweeping CLEAR or TINTED BROW GEL upwards.

The final look:

After I put the rest of my makeup on, I usually do a last sweep with the eyebrow spoolie and clean up any remaining harsh lines, if any! Here’s how they usually end up looking with a full face of makeup:

Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes if you try this method! 

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