Why I’m Starting Beauty & the City

Hi! For those who don’t know me, I am Cybelle Marie Melodias, a 24-year-old who just quit her corporate job of 4 years that guaranteed her a long, financially stable career in one of the biggest companies in Asia. Those who know me may be wondering, orrr maybe not, why I quit and ended up starting this website.

I want to introduce this blog with a story. When I was 5 years old, about to graduate Kindergarten, like all kids I was asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. While each one of my classmates wanted to be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a police officer, or maybe even the President of the Philippines, I had an unconventional answer: I wanted my own beauty salon. Everyone took that as a joke and would laugh when I answered, including my parents, and as I grew older I realized how “ridiculous” that was as a dream. So I learned to set my sights on more “realistic” goals, like become a scientist, or a professional in the field of science and technology, and change the world one small innovation at a time. Fast forward 15 years, and I graduated from University of the Philippines – Diliman with a degree in Food Technology. Right after graduation, I started working as a Quality Assurance Specialist for San Miguel Foods Inc., a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation. I was set for life. Stable job, stable income, complete with a truly happy relationship with my partner of 2 years then, and 6 years now, yet I was dissatisfied. I felt I went nowhere in life yet everyone kept saying that that was already it. All I had left to do was to continue with my trudge up the corporate ladder and retire at 35 — an official 15 years since I started working. And that was guaranteed to make me a millionaire. And THEN I could enjoy my life the way I wanted to.

And I thought: NO. That is not what I want my life to be. I spent about a month soul searching, trying to look for what it was I wanted to prove to myself, and instead I found myself looking back to that young girl who just wanted to help make the world more beautiful.

Luckily, I am blessed to have some resources to start that dream RIGHT NOW instead of waiting til I am 35. And at that time when I dreamed of having my own beauty salon, there were no personal computers yet, let alone Internet, so a few modifications to that dream are in order. I want everyone who gets to read this blog to learn something everyday about becoming their best, most beautiful self through tips and recommendations on makeup, health, and wellness.

So I welcome you to my new endeavor, the Beauty & the City blog, and I hope you join me as I discover the wiiiide wide world of beauty and makeup, set across a backdrop of my favorite city destinations for food and shopping!



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