Building Your Starter Makeup Kit

When I was still starting out with makeup, it felt so overwhelming to browse beauty counters and the department store beauty section! And because I didn’t know what I needed, I relied more on trends in deciding what to buy. I ended up wasting a lot of money on products I realized weren’t necessary, or worse, products that didn’t even suit me. And even to this day it can still be overwhelming, but much less so now that I have the confidence from the knowledge of what I need and what works for me personally.

A lot of people don’t realize that makeup is very personal. To be able to make up yourself in a way that makes you look your best version requires knowledge about your skin and your features that no other person can know better but you. It is entirely possible to become your own personal best makeup artist without being a professional!

So how do you go about building your starter makeup kit? Although makeup IS very personal, these are the things I have found to be absolute must-haves in beginning your personal makeup journey:

1) Base makeup – a tinted moisturizer, or BB/CC cream, or foundation, and/or concealer depending on your skin type and your skin condition.

Base makeup is for evening out your skin tone and for filling in your skin to ensure an even base for the rest of your makeup to sit on top of. Base makeup comes in any of these 3 textures: a cream, liquid, or a powder. The general rule is the drier your skin, the more oil or liquid you can add to your skin, while the oilier your skin, the less. Powders are generally a no-no for those with dry skin, while creams tend to be too oily for those with oily skin. All skin types however need some sort of primer in the form of a moisturizer or mattifier before any other application of makeup, unless you use a base that already functions as a primer/moisturizer.

2) Eyelash curler and mascara – Because big, bright, open eyes make a huge difference to your face!

3) Blusher or bronzer – Some prefer one or the other, or both. Like base makeup, this can come in cream, liquid, or powder form. The general rule is “like for like” which means to use the same textures throughout: cream base = cream blush/bronzer, liquid base = liquid blush/bronzer, powder base = powder blush or bronzer. Why? Because it is harder to blend and dissolve two different textures together than similar textures. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t, just that it will be more difficult.

4) An everyday lip balm, tinted lip balm, lipstick, or lip liner plus a “special occasions” lipstick – a good everyday lipstick is an “MLBB” meaning “my lips but better ” while a special occasions lipstick is usually a darker or amped up version of that. An easy way to ensure your pigments match is to use the same color or shade on your lips and cheeks. Lip and cheek stains and creams are perfect everyday staples because they save you space and money.

5) An eyebrow grooming or makeup kit – tweezers and/or trimmer, an eyebrow pencil, powder, gel or cream, a brush for the powder or cream, and an eyebrow spoolie. Eyebrows are important because they frame your entire face. Bad eyebrows, even in spite of good makeup, can ruin your entire look.

I will give specific recommendations for each type of product and tools in separate posts in the future. I hope this has been helpful to serve as a guide as you begin filling up your starter makeup kit. Leave questions in the comments below or message me!


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